Collegiate explores new schedule with trial week

As Norfolk Collegiate continues to unveil and explore the initiatives within our strategic plan, each step opens our school to new opportunities. One is the proposed “drop-two” schedule, which will allow our students more hands-on learning. In this type of schedule, students have five classes per day over a seven-day rotation as opposed to the current seven bells per day schedule.

Rebecca Zborowski, upper school math teacher, and Val Ortiz, middle school counselor, are leading this proposed effort and are working with Judy Davis, director of curriculum and instruction, on the implementation plans.

“There are a few reasons why the Schedule Implementation Committee is helping Collegiate move toward this scheduling type,” Zborowski said. “First, as we increase our project-based learning, we need more time in the classroom to fulfill these assignments. Second, we are attempting to de-stress our students, so instead of meeting for seven class periods (per day), we will meet for five.”

In order to give students an opportunity to learn more about the proposed schedule and provide feedback to the committee, the school will hold a trial of the modified schedule beginning next Monday, Dec. 5. The trial only will be held in the middle and upper schools and will continue through Tuesday, Dec. 13.

“There also will be a 25-minute mandatory study hall at the end of each day for students in grades six through 12,” Zborowski said. “This will be a time where they can meet with teachers to get extra help or begin their homework.”

“Last year, the scheduling committee thought it was important to run a trial before next year so that if there were adjustments or modifications that were needed, there would be time to make changes,” said Davis. “Over this trial period, teachers and students will be able to give us feedback about what worked really well and what challenges they faced.” 

For more information about the schedule, please contact division heads Anne Claywell at or Sue Bryant at or Judy Davis at