Collegiate Corner upgrades checkout system

The Collegiate Corner traded its paper and pencil and updated the check-out process to now include bar-code scanners, touch screens and a computerized point-of-sale system at Norfolk Collegiate’s middle and upper school campus.

What does this mean for our Oaks?

Whether they need supplies, a new shirt or a snack before practice, students now are able to use their student identification card for a more accurate and convenient experience. The parent volunteers who staff the Collegiate Corner are able to quickly check out students and get them back to class in a breeze.

“The new system allows us to get the students in and out more quickly,” said Jackie Burke, who manages the Collegiate Corner. “This new system not only simplifies student and faculty billing,” said Burke, “but it also will allow parents to get a detailed report of their child’s purchases in the Collegiate Corner.”

With any new system, there has been a small learning curve, but the students have been patient with the upgrade. The lower school may get the upgrade in the future, but for now, it’s all systems as normal.