Class of '17 continues Jefferson Challenge INCENTIVES

This year’s senior class is taking a cue from the Class of 2016 and continuing their efforts in not only 100 percent class participation in the Jefferson Challenge, but also challenging the upper school to join the challenge and donate to the Annual Fund.

The Jefferson Challenge is an annual senior class tradition that began in 2002 after Ken Scribner, a philanthropist from Portsmouth, donated 1,001 $2 bills to Norfolk Collegiate in honor of the Class of 2002.

The challenge soon became a Collegiate tradition for each senior class. It receives its name because Thomas Jefferson, who was known for his dedication to education, appears on the bill.

The Class of 2017 is encouraging the upper school student body to reach $1,000 in giving. With each donation goal the upper school reaches, our faculty and staff have agreed to their challenge as an incentive to encourage our students to donate. They include:

  • $250: Head of the Upper School Anne Claywell will dye her hair pink
  • $500: Teachers will create and perform a choreographed dance
  • $750: 1 week of spirit dress 
  • $1,000: Senior Ed Beckman and Science Teacher and Associate Director of Admissions Jon Bain will shave their head

If you would like to join the seniors in their challenge, please contact Cayte Brown '08 at or 757.480.2348 to see how you can donate to the challenge.