Host families needed for Weeklong exchange program

Last spring, Norfolk Collegiate School and our families hosted students from our sister city of Ningbo Gu Guohe Middle School. We are pleased to once again host 10 students from the school for one week in the beginning of October. 

This educational program was extremely successful last year, and we have several new students from Ningbo who are eagerly awaiting the prospect to experience the hospitality of our families. The goal of the program is to immerse the exchange students into American culture, especially the Norfolk Collegiate community. Therefore, these students want to live by our Norfolk Collegiate seal as much as possible during their stay. 

The Norfolk Sister Cities organization will host a welcome for the Chinese students upon their arrival and a farewell reception before leaving. Host families will provide room and board to the Chinese students, bring them to and from school and include them in family activities during their seven-day stay. Norfolk Collegiate will assign each student to shadow an American student during the school day at Collegiate. This will include accompanying the student to classes, as well as school-sponsored extracurricular sports, activities and events. Since our exchange students have varied interests, they may have different shadows throughout the week. While the school prefers to have the students matched with current students in middle school, the opportunity to host an exchange student is open to all Collegiate families.

Hosting an exchange student is an exciting and educational experience that we are fortunate to offer to our students. If any families are interested in the possibility of hosting a Chinese Exchange student, please contact Shannon Bartel at 757.373.3176 or