Ricker is dedicated to coaching soccer

It’s Brandon Ricker's second year coaching soccer at Norfolk Collegiate. His love for the game was birthed during childhood, and he has grown within the sport tremendously. Ricker's career led him to play soccer at Old Dominion University and become the regional forward for the Virginia Youth Soccer Association's Olympic Development Program (ODP). He has also coached for the past six years. Since his time at Collegiate, he has coached both the JV boys’ and girls’ teams. He sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about his goals to grow the program and cultivate our student-athletes to compete better each year.

What was your reaction when you were told you were the Coach of the Month for October?

It felt good as I put a lot of time into my craft. It's always nice getting a high-five every now and then. Also, I've really enjoyed immersing myself in Norfolk Collegiate’s culture, and I am happy to be involved in a program with such a bright future behind Coach Jon Hall.

How did you come to coach at soccer at Collegiate?

Jon Hall was the director of the Virginia Youth Soccer Association's ODP, which I was involved. He asked if I wanted to join Collegiate, and I was happy to. 

How has your playing experience prepared you for coaching?

My playing experience with soccer has shaped who I am as a coach in many ways. I've seen things I like and things I don't like. I've experienced what works for me and what works for others. Without my playing experience, I wouldn't have as much insight into the game. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities I've had.

What are some of your goals for the team this year? How will you help your team to meet those goals?

Hopefully, we can make a run for playoffs. We’ve had a few bumps in the road but getting the team organized, mentally tuned in and ready to battle will help.

If you could offer a piece of advice to your team, what would it be?

Do what makes you happy. 

Aside from coaching, what do you like to do?

Travel with my fiancé, play soccer, dabble in snow sports, ride my motorcycle and hike.