AdamsK12 replaces Follett in Book Buyback Program

AdamsK12 will take the place of Follett in for this year’s book buyback program. Books purchased through Follett, or elsewhere, may be sold back to AdamsK12, though their process for doing this is notably different. Rather than physically meeting with company reps at the school, parents or students interested in selling back books will establish an account on the AdamsK12 site, then follow the instructions for selling back books. Norfolk Collegiate will provide parents an AdamsK12 bag to put their returned books and packing list in, then Collegiate will pack them in boxes and AdamsK12 will pick them up. They will mail parents a check upon receipt of their order. Please find the instructions for this here.

Bags for these return orders may be obtained in advance from either division office or from Mr. Merryman at the Granby campus lobby desk. Bagged books should be returned to the middle school explore room on June 8. Please do not leave these in or around an office and expect staff to find them. The school is not responsible for books left unattended. 

Returning Books Leased From Follett

  • If you leased books from Follett, you will need to return them to Follett. The process for returning books/resources leased from Follett can be found here

Ordering Books for the 2016-17 School Year

Returning upper school students will receive a hard copy of their 2016-17 classes via mail mid-June. Official class schedules will be mailed to all upper school students/families on July 15. 

The AdamsK12 bookstore will open on July 15. The process for ordering from AdamsK12 will be similar to that used with Follett. Class books/resources that have been posted on the Norfolk Collegiate website are automatically uploaded to AdamsK12’s site for ease of purchase on July 15 and thereafter through the start of school. 

Student schedules may be viewed on NetClassroom on July 18.