Annual New York City Trip Blustery and Fun at NBC Studios and Broadway!

NYC, New York City, Norfolk Collegiate, Upper School, Twenty one students were thrilled to join their faculty advisors on the action-packed annual adventure to New York City from Nov. 15-17, 2018. Every minute proved to be worth the snowy journey.

Students and teachers boarded buses just as the sun was coming up on Thursday, Nov 15, and as they drove through Delaware, it started snowing.

“It was amazing,” said Jenny Kim ’20. “Driving into New York [City] in the snow was so pretty.” In all, more than six inches of snow fell while the Norfolk Collegiate crew was in the city.

Their first stop? Times Square. Everyone wanted to see Times Square in the snow, a site students said didn’t disappoint.

The next day, with everyone snuggled up in their warmest snow gear, the troupe made it to the top of the Empire State Building. Next, students enjoyed posing and snapping paparazzi pictures at Madame Tussauds wax museum.

Back outdoors, students loved wandering Central Park in the snow with their classmates.

“The park was gorgeous in the snow,” said Jenny.

Next up was the greatly anticipated tour of NBC studios to watch the cast of “Saturday Night Live” rehearse for its weekend show with Steve Carell. Thanks to alumnus Scott Weinstein ’91, students gathered in the Late Night with Seth Meyers studio before their official tour.

“Watching the rehearsals is really cool,” said Theater Director & Coordinator of Maker Education Brendan Hoyle who chaperoned the trip with Band Director Cathy Francis. “You know, there’s Leslie Jones texting, and over there are the other cast members flipping through cue cards. It gives students a great idea of what it means to work in that industry.”

The other highlight of the trip was seeing “King Kong” on Broadway. The giant gorilla is played by several stagehands who have to physically move the puppet throughout the performance. The “gentle” giant also has facial expressions in the performance. Students said they felt real empathy for the animal during the show and were really impressed by the performance overall.

After visiting The Cloisters in Manhattan for its beautiful, medieval art, the group made its way to Chinatown, a highly requested stop from all the students.

Grand Central Station was their last stop before making it back on the buses to head back to school.

“It was a really good trip,” said Francis. “This was an excellent group of students who really bonded. They seem to have brought that closeness back to campus. They had this shared experience that’s unique to them. It’s very cool.”

Students who attended the trip were:

Kai Bartol ’20

Kaylee Bejarano ’21

Coral Bowman ’20

Charlie Cantrell ’21

Pascale Disch ’20

Olivia Foreman ’20

Peter Francis ’20

Evelyn Gardner ’20

Tyler Hamlin ’20

Bailey Harkins ’20

Chapman Holt ’20

Olivia Hohnholt ’20

Jenny Kim ’20

Spencer King ’20

Jessica Magee ’21

Taylor O'Neal ’21

Perry McKay ’20

Josh Reed ’20

Tova Rosenberg ’20

Emily Scott ’20

Ray Tahhan ’20