Alumnus James Hitch is Moving Mountains in Colorado

Three years ago, alumnus James Hitch ’09 was in a dark place. Before a family trip to the Adirondack Mountains in May of 2014, he was bit by a tick carrying Lyme disease, and Hitch’s life suddenly plummeted. Physically reduced and not able to think clearly due to the disease, Hitch decided he wanted to do the impossible.

Today, Hitch is in Colorado completing what he’s dubbed the Colorado Centennial Project. He is climbing, summiting and exploring the top 100 peaks in Colorado and several surrounding mountains. When he wrote the attached article, he’d chipped away at all but 30 of them. As of the end of August, he has fewer than 20 treks left.

In the article he wrote for Prime Adventure, he says:

“This is not an adventure designed to stroke the ego of a sea level dwelling, Norfolk, Virginia native looking to make something of himself. This is an authentic exploration of the human spirit at one point along the continuum of what it means to be truly be (sic) alive and live a life deliberately.”

James is part of a community of thousands of alumni who discovered their passions and became well-rounded individuals during their time at Collegiate. Ultimately, James wants everyone to remember to “be passionate, be kind, be loving”.

You can follow Hitch’s journey through his social media channels listed below.

Instagram: @jameshitch25