Acorn Athletics excites Lower School students

Acorn Athletics marked a turn in our athletic program at Norfolk Collegiate. On Oct. 19, our Lower School students had the opportunity to try new sports for fitness fun.  

The weeklong clinic provided our little Oaks with an introduction to a specific sport and the chance to learn the fundamentals of the sport they selected.

“Our goal was to expose and enrich Lower School students with comprehensive skills in a fun and exciting way,” said Taylor Kelly, assistant athletic director.

Students were able to build a strong sense of community and understand the basics of the sport of their choice.

There were three essential tools the athletic department aimed to instill in our little Oaks:

  1. To expose Lower School students to fitness and sports before they enter the sixth grade;
  2. Learn how to build a strong team and of the sports offered at Collegiate;
  3. Gain a passion for the sport

The October clinics focused on lacrosse and basketball. Coaches and varsity players served as facilitators for the clinics.

“Our first Acorn lacrosse clinic was awesome,” said Luke Reilly, lacrosse coach. “We had 23 boys and girls who were full of energy, and they improved with each day.”

Coaches Lonice Kenley and Jim Markey hosted the basketball clinic.

“Our aim was to introduce or further educate students of rules and fun-damentals of the sport in an enthusiastic environment,” said Markey.

The athletics team sought to reinforce the philosophy that sports should be played for enjoyment and for the benefits of physical exercise.

“Acorn Athletics is an outstanding addition to the department,” said Reilly.

The next Acorn Athletic Clinics:

  • Week of Dec. 7: Volleyball and cheerleading
  • Week of April 4: Soccer
  • Week of May 2: Field hockey, baseball and softball

To learn more, contact Assistant Athletic Director Taylor Kelly at 757.480.1411 or

Nov. 6, 2015