A new look for Collegiate

An effective brand helps to identify the essence of a business, and Norfolk Collegiate’s new branding conveys the energy of our school to our community.

Collegiate unveiled our new logo, font styles and colors to our community in September, in addition to our new mission and vision statements.

Each of these items goes hand-in-hand with the school’s strategic plan.

“We thought it was important last year after going through our strategic plan and undergoing our accreditation visit that we look at how we communicate with our community,” said Headmaster Scott Kennedy. “There was a lot of conversation relating to the future of our school, so we examined how we sell ourselves in the marketplace. In the spring, we entered the rebranding process.”

Collegiate’s new logo includes the Sue Faulkner Scribner Bell Tower and continues with our prominent colors of blue and white with a gray accent.

Our new tagline "A great education; an even better experience" is embedded in the logo an correlates with our new mission and vision statements

“When we went into the rebranding process, we shared all of the information that we gathered from the faculty and student surveys and focus groups to guide our new look,” said Kennedy. “A common message and theme emerged molding a sense of community, strong academics and the willingness of innovation and creativity. Our new tagline embodies those concepts. Especially, a great experience, because it is the Collegiate experience that differentiates us from other schools.”

In addition to our new look, Collegiate also announced the launch of our new pre-k program, which is now enrolling for the 2017-18 school year. To learn more, click here.