A little math mixed with fun is a great way to learn

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, our fourth-grade students mixed math with physical education to learn about lines, angles and rays.

In collaboration with the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, our students enjoyed an action-packed morning with the educational program We like to Move It, We like to Learn it.

During this program, students applied math skills they learned in class to the games and activities.

Fourth-grade teacher Ashley James coordinated the event to help her students retain the information they’ve learned.

“The current unit we’re working on covers basic geometric concepts such as rays, lines, line segments and angles. This program practices those concepts in fun ways by using pool noodle pieces to physically make the line angles and more,” she said. “The more they work with a concept, the more likely they are to remember the information.”

Elaina Trafny, education coordinator for the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, developed and led the activities with our students.

“With this particular program, we take classic physical education games and merge them with math,” said Trafny. “From rally races to tag and yoga, our goal is to get the students up and moving and applying math skills while engaging in the activity at-hand.”

Our students absolutely enjoyed the activities and learned a lot along the way.

“I really liked the noodle game and helping my team understand the answer,” said Reily Scott ’25. “I learned teamwork, geometry, addition, subtraction and multiplication.”

“I liked the place value dash game because you had to line up very fast and it helped us get organized quickly,” said Marvin Williams ’25. “I learned geometry and teamwork.”