A Collegiate education is exceptional ... and starts with you

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Norfolk Collegiate and our admissions team is shining its blue and white light throughout the school and into the community. There is much to note with the new faces and ideas brewing in admissions.

Mary Peccie, the new director of admissions, sat down with the Oak Connection to share the news about what’s happening with her department.

The 2015-16 school year has brought about a new team starting with Peccie as the director of admissions. Also on the team are:

The arching goal of the admissions team is to add a generous and personal touch to Collegiate’s admissions process.

“If someone is interested in Collegiate, the first step that he or she takes is coming to our office,” said Peccie. “Then, depending on the school he or she is interested in, the prospective family is paired with that school’s admissions associate who carries them through the application process.”

The Carolton Oaks Society adds a student-to-student touch, which welcomes the prospective Oak, allows him or her to shadow our students for a day, connect with teachers during an interactive classroom session, gain one-on-one knowledge of our athletic department and meet Headmaster Scott Kennedy.    

Peccie works hand-in-hand with Rita Frankenberry, parent relation coordinator for the school's Parent Ambassador Program, to engage and invite prospective parents to Collegiate community events. She also sends handwritten letters to the parents and calls to follow up about their experience on the tour.

“Personal touch and relationship building is the name of the game for us,” said Peccie.



Our community is encouraged to get involved and share the news with their neighbors and friends about their child’s experience at Collegiate.

Grow an Oak Referral Program

Current families even can receive $500 off of their tuition by recommending a student to enroll through the Grow an Oak Referral Program. Through the program, if the student attends Collegiate for at least one semester, the referring family receives $500 toward their tuition.

Merit Scholar Program

There is also a Merit Scholar Program available for incoming freshmen, which offers 50 percent off of tuition from grades 9-12. The scholarships are competitive and only available to new, incoming freshmen.

“There is no better gift you can give your child then a good, quality education,” said Peccie.

Coffee at Collegiate

If you know a family that would be a good fit at Collegiate, invite them to attend on of the NEW Coffee at Collegiate events. Prospective families are invited to attend Coffee at Collegiate to learn more about our school and experience the Collegiate community first-hand.  

“Coffee at Collegiate will provide interested families the opportunity to get a glimpse of the school through casual interaction with our admissions team,” said Peccie. “Through genuine and personal engagement, families can begin to get a sense of the benefits Collegiate would offer their children.”

If you know of a family that would be a great Oak, please invite them to join the Collegiate community at one of the Coffee at Collegiate events. They will be held on the first Tuesday for prospective Lower School families and every first Thursday for prospective Middle and Upper School families each month at 8:30 a.m. in the respective Admissions Suite.

For more information about upcoming admissions events at Collegiate, click here.


Oct. 23, 2015