A coach who wears dual hats shares her love for volleyball 

Coach Roza Krasnova began coaching at Norfolk Collegiate in 2013 as an assistant varsity coach to our volleyball team. Since then, she has taken on a dual role as the head coach of our middle school team. Her love for the sports has made her a pillar in our volleyball community. Having played the sport since she was seven years old, she loves sharing her love for the game with our students. Coach Krasnova sat down with the Oak Connection to talk about her experience coaching at Collegiate and her goals for the season.

What was your reaction when you were told you were the Coach of the Month for September?

When Coach Jon Hall told me about being the Coach of the Month, I think he saw a big surprised expression on my face. It wasn’t something I expected at all, and then my surprised look turned into a big smile. I was very excited to hear this news and felt honored considering the number of great coaches we have here at Collegiate. It’s a huge privilege for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of the school’s outstanding athletic team. So, thank you for the honor!

How did you come to coach volleyball at Collegiate? 

I started coaching at Collegiate as an assistant coach for the junior varsity and varsity teams in 2013. The head coach of the junior varsity team Matthew Robertson, with whom I had played volleyball for many years, called me and asked me if I would be interested in coaching. I was very excited for the opportunity to coach volleyball at Norfolk Collegiate! 

How has your playing experience prepared you for coaching? 

I have played volleyball since I was seven years old. It has always been a big part of my life. Honestly, it was really most of my life when I was in school. I played for eight years in a volleyball club until I was 15 years old and was privileged to be the captain of my team. We had practices every day before and after class, so I practiced for three hours a day. We traveled extensively for various club and regional competitions, and I spent most of my summers in a three-month volleyball camp. After finishing school, I played for at the university level. Now, I mostly play beach volleyball, which I learned after moving to Virginia Beach. As a player, I had a lot of training in both the gym and in competitions. It allowed me to learn about many aspects of playing volleyball, such as understanding the game, the technical side of the sport, leadership, team dynamics and character building. It also taught me the importance of strength and conditioning for fitness and injury prevention and a variety of other aspects. I believe that having a good knowledge and understanding of these key elements is critical for a coach in order to train a successful team. 

Among other sports, why volleyball?

When I was in kindergarten I was selected for gymnastics and participated for two years. I liked it and was good at it, but I couldn’t do the splits. So I decided gymnastics wasn’t for me. My friend told me that a local volleyball club was having tryouts so we decided to go. We were seven years old, and I don’t think I even knew at that point what the game of volleyball was about. We made the tryouts and that’s how it all started. I fell in love with the sport, the fun of the game and the team aspect of it. I had a great coach and volleyball became my passion. It opened many different opportunities for me. Volleyball has had a tremendous, positive impact on my character, and it has brought many wonderful people into my life.

What are some of your goals for the team this year? How will you help your team to meet those goals?

My main goal is to teach students the skills that will help them to become better athletes and teammates and enable them to truly enjoy playing volleyball. I would like to pass on a passion for the sport and hope that they will continue to grow in it. We do a variety of activities and drills and add new skills during each practice, which I believe keeps the team motivated and focused. I encourage athletes to give their best at practices and games and to always have a positive mindset. The better we play, the more fun we will have! 


If you could offer a piece of advice to your team, what would it be? 

Work hard, play hard and be patient. Always stay positive and be encouraging but most importantly, have fun.

Aside from coaching, what do you like to do? 

Aside from coaching I love playing volleyball! I play with friends and within the leagues and tournaments to stay connected to our great local volleyball community. I like traveling, learning foreign languages, cooking, gardening and watching sports. I also enjoy doing different outdoor activities like jogging on the beach, cycling, kayaking and paddle boarding. And, I like spending time with friends and family.