5 Ways to help your child succeed through failure

Learning to let go can be one of the most difficult things for parents to do with their children. Luckily, Jessica Lahey has done the hard work for us. The teacher, journalist and parent penned “The Gift of Failure,” which guides parents as they work to teach their children how to thrive and grow into independent, confident adults.

Lower school guidance counselor Jan Weintraub is discussing these methods through a series of books chats this March and April. Lahey focuses on autonomy-supportive parenting, which aims to help children develop into self-reliant, competent and resilient adults. To do this, parents must build their children’s internal motivation.

During the first chat, Weintraub and the group discussed steps that parents can take to learn to:

  • Let go
  • Grow confidence from experience
  • Distinguish between overparenting and being an autonomy-supportive parent
  • Encourage from the sidelines
  • And more! 

Join Weintraub and other parents for the second session on March 29 at 8:30 a.m. in the King Boardroom. They will chat about how:

  • To teach your children to turn mistakes into success
  • To turn household duties into competence measures
  • Friends can be an accomplice of failure and help form their identity
  • To view losing in sports as an essential childhood experience
  • Middle school can be prime time for failure
  • High school and beyond means more independence

To learn more about the chats, click here.