National Junior Honor Society

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is one of the nation's premier organizations established to recognize outstanding middle school students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. At Norfolk Collegiate, community service activities and volunteerism are valued, and students are encouraged to participate in activities that benefit others.

Students in the seventh and eighth grades who meet the academic and service requirements may be eligible for membership in the National Junior Honor Society. For more information about the requirements for the National Honor Society, click on the Requirements for Membership tab on the left or contact Adviser Jill Archer.


Requirements for membership

The selection process for membership in the junior division of the National Honor Society begins at the end of the first semester of each school year. Students will be notified by mail in January if they meet the academic eligibility requirements for membership consideration. Students may then decide to pursue membership in the National Junior Honor Society by submitting the additional required documentation as described below. The completed files of eligible students will then be reviewed by the faculty advisory committee for membership consideration. It is important to note that membership in the National Junior Honor Society is not based solely on academic achievement and review of submitted materials does not automatically result in an invitation to membership. Students must also demonstrate the attributes of good character and citizenship, as well as a desire to render service and to provide worthy leadership.


Academic Requirements

Candidates eligible for selection in the National Junior Honor Society (grades 7 and 8): Students must have a cumulative overall average of 88.0.

Eligible students must have been at NCS for one complete semester; transfer students who were already NJHS members should notify the NJHS adviser who will contact the previous school. If it is verified that the student left in good standing, that student may be eligible for membership during first semester.

Documentation Required from Eligible Students Seeking Membership

  1. Completed Community Service Hours Form (at least 10 hours documented)
  2. Completed Student Information Form
  3. Three letters of recommendation (2 from core teachers, 1 from a school or community reference)
  4. Package submission checklist


Community Service Requirement

Students seeking membership in the National Junior Honor Society must have completed 10 hours of qualifying community service. This service may have been performed at any time during the previous summer (beginning in June) through the end of first semester (usually mid-January). The Community Service Hours Form must include signatures of supervising personnel at the community service sites. Students must complete a total of 20 hours before the school year ends.


Student Information Form

The Student Information Form is designed to gather information directly from students about their activities, service, leadership roles, and perspectives concerning the honor society and its values. The student information form is not an application for membership. Instead, the purpose of the form is to support the student’s candidacy by providing relevant information for use by the faculty advisory committee.


Letters of Recommendation

Prospective members must submit two letters of recommendation from current core subject teachers and one letter from another school or community reference.


Selection Process

The documentation provided by students will be reviewed by the faculty advisory committee based on the following personal attributes: leadership, service, and character. Students’ academic, disciplinary, and attendance records will all be taken into consideration by the faculty advisory committee to aid in making sound decisions regarding membership. The faculty advisory committee will consider many aspects of each of the essential characteristics embodied by a National Junior Honor Society member.

The following are examples of the traits that may be considered:


  • Demonstrates initiative in promoting school activities
  • Exercises positive influence on peers in upholding school ideals
  • Exemplifies a positive attitude
  • Inspires positive behavior in others
  • Successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility
  • Demonstrates reliability and dependability
  • Is a leader in the classroom and in other school or community settings
  • Is thoroughly dependable in any responsibility accepted


  • Provides dependable assistance to the agencies where service is being performed
  • Works well with others at volunteer placements
  • Cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service to the school or community organization
  • Does committee and staff work without complaint


  • Demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability
  • Consistently observes school rules and regulations
  • Is punctual to school and to classes
  • Consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior
  • Avoids cheating in written work

National Honor Society Handbook, 2005


The faculty advisory committee will carefully consider all aspects of a student’s candidacy for membership in the National Junior Honor Society. Students will be notified by mail of the faculty advisory committee’s decision regarding acceptance or non-selection. In the event of non-selection, any questions regarding the faculty advisory committee’s decision should be presented to the National Junior Honor Society adviser within one week after notification of non-selection.



The induction ceremony for the National Junior Honor Society is held in March. Members of the National Junior Honor Society are required to perform twenty hours of community service each school year from June through May.

Students who are invited to join the National Junior Honor Society must maintain the high standards by which they were selected for membership. A student should be confident, therefore, that he or she can maintain satisfactory grades and community service hours once a member. It is possible for a student to be accepted into the National Junior Honor Society and decline membership during a given academic year without penalty. The student may be considered for eligibility again the following year according to the criteria established for the new school year.

Any questions regarding the eligibility and selection process for the National Junior Honor Society should be directed to Ms Jill Archer, National Junior Honor Society adviser, at 480.2885 or



All NJHS students must commit to 20 hours of community service for the entire year (membership requirement) and the time frame for service is June 1 to May 31. All 20 hours may be earned in the summer. Even though the deadline is May 31, please turn in your service hours to Ms. Archer as you earn them. If you are interested in qualifying for a service award, Ms. Archer must receive your service hours before May 13.

Students seeking membership in the NJHS must complete at least 10 hours of community service before Jan. 18.

 To receive credit, students must include all of the following information on the submitted Community Service Form (PDF):

  1. The name of the non-profit organization you worked for
  2. The dates you worked
  3. The number of hours you worked
  4. A brief description of the work you performed (sorted books, raked leaves, or served meals)
  5. A member of the organizations signature verifying the work performed


Review guiding tenets of community service.