Freshmen Experience Fun and Bonding During Freshman Retreat

The Class of 2021 joined the ranks of Freshman Retreat survivors after they took place in the traditional overnight team building trip this September to Camp Silver Beach.

Students brushed up on their teamwork skills during outdoor obstacle courses and conquered their fears during a night zipline ride.

“There were two zipline tracks that ran parallel each other, giving students the opportunity to zip with someone else,” says Upper School Dean of Students Nicole Weyer. “It was really fun to see freshmen challenge new and old friends by asking them to zip!”

When they weren’t solving human-sized puzzles or climbing giant, rock climbing walls, the freshmen had the opportunity to kayak out to a shallow sandbar to explore.

Freshman Ellie Robertson says, “The entire trip the perfect way for newer students to get to know their classmates. We were divided into several groups throughout the day for different activities, but then we’d come back to the cabins at night and just relax with your friends. It was really fun!”

The objective of the Freshmen Retreat every year is to unify the freshman class and give each student an opportunity to grow and learn something about him or herself; that objective was met yet again, and the class is stronger for it.

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