Homecoming Dance

Upper school students will dance the night away while celebrating with their classmates during the school's Homecoming Dance! The event will be held outside the front entrance to the Hackney Theater and is weather-permitting.

Students will not be required to wear coverings outside; however, they should have a face covering in case they need to go inside to use the restroom. Students who arrive after 8:45 p.m. will not be permitted entrance into the dance.

Admission is $10 per student, and the proceeds will go to The Red Cross Hurricane Ida Relief Fund.

The dance is for upper school students only. Due to COVID protocols, no outside guests are permitted. 

Students should enter the dance through the main entrance by the admissions building facing the main parking lot. They may be picked up by the Scribner Belltower. Those students who drive may park in the front lot of the school or on Suburban Parkway. If students leave the dance at any time, they are not permitted to return. Food and drinks will be provided. 

The dress is semi-formal.

Middle/Upper School Campus

Lower School Campus