Lower School Summer Assignments

Norfolk Collegiate encourages our students to have fit and sharp minds and to be alert when they return to school after the summer break. One way for students to exercise their minds is by completing required summer math and reading activities. Please see below for grade specific assignments. We recognize that the parent-teacher partnership is important in the education process, and we thank you for your support of summer learning activities.



Please join our teachers in providing support and encouragement by making reading an important part of your child’s summer. We require each student to read 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Directions for book projects and/or reports are attached to your child’s grade-specific information. Below are links to detailed grade-specific reading assignments for students who will enter grades kindergarten through five in August 2018.  Please note that students in grades one through five will need to download the corresponding grade's reading log as part of the summer reading assignments.


To protect your child’s math growth, our teachers encourage you to take advantage of learning opportunities that occur in everyday experiences. We recommend creating a summer routine so that summer learning is well paced and meaningful. By doing so, you can further ensure that your child is confident and prepared as he/she enters the next school year. There is a wonderful series of workbooks available for each grade level the Summer Skills Sharpener series provides mixed review on each page of the workbook. These workbooks can easily be ordered by grade level at SummerSkills.com. We require that each student practice math for 10 minutes a day, five days a week. Math practice suggestions and guidelines are attached to your child’s grade-specific information.