Coach Dan will offer daily workout sessions at school throughout the summer. Starting on Monday, June 13, Dan will have a morning session Monday through Friday from 9-10:30 a.m. and afternoon session Monday through Thursday from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Watt-Baker Gymnasium.



Now more than ever, is the time to focus on healthy living. With the help of our strength and conditioning Coach Dan Nicols, and an athletic training partnership with Bon Secours, Norfolk Collegiate has committed itself to providing students with a foundation for building a healthy lifestyle.

These resources expand beyond the varsity athletes and team sports, and are available to all Norfolk Collegiate students. The goal of these programs is to teach students healthy lessons and habits now by showing them how to utilize fitness equipment and recognize when their bodies may need a rest or medical attention. 

 Our student-athletes utilize the following areas in our strength and conditioning programs:

  • Fitness Room 
  • Weight Room
  • Training Room





Dan Nichols is a certified professional trainer, owner of Dumbbells Personal Training in Norfolk and also Norfolk Collegiate’s strength and conditioning coach. He is tasked with helping to ensure that our competitive athletes are at their personal best physically, as well as to make physical fitness a priority for each and every Norfolk Collegiate student.

While physical education explains the fundamentals of sport, the renewed focus on strength and conditioning will round out the lessons with a focus on fitness for our students. The purpose of his program is to teach students healthy lessons and habits now.

“My job is to make sure that students have every opportunity possible, and it’s what they do in the four years here that determines those possibilities,” Nichols said.

Upon graduating high school in Indiana, Nichols found himself with college scholarship offers in football, basketball and baseball. His competitive edge combined with supportive friends and encouragement from his wife, drove him to pursue a life in fitness. In 2004 he would become a personal trainer opened Dumbbells in 2009. Just a few years later, he joined Norfolk Collegiate.