Feb. 2017: Aaron Gregory has basketball in his blood

With a new basketball program at Collegiate, Aaron Gregory and head coach Toni Jones turned in an ambitious season with a new team that managed to play 27 games this season. 

Nov 2016: Nicole Weyer is thrilled to have coached this year

Coaching volleyball is a goal that Coach Nicole Weyer had when she came to Norfolk Collegiate four years ago as the upper school dean of students. This year, she shared her love for the sport with student-athletes and helped to instill the fundamentals of the game.

Oct. 2016: Brandon Ricker is dedicated to coaching soccer

This is Coach Ricker's second year coaching at Collegiate and he believes his playing experience has helped him be a become a great coach. Not only that, Ricker has the goal to grow the program and cultivate our student-athletes to compete better each year. 

Sept. 2016: Coach Krasnova shares her love for volleyball

Coach Roza Krasnova began coaching at Norfolk Collegiate in 2013 as an assistant varsity coach to our volleyball team. Since then, she has taken on a dual role as the head coach of our middle school team. 

May 2016: Sue Bryant teaches the true meaning of sportsmanship

A golf since the age of six, Sue Bryant knows how to play and coach the sport of golf. She hopes to teach students the fundamentals of the game to make them good athletes and a great team.  

April 2016: Coach Reilly hopes to instill the fundamentals of lacrosse 

Luke Reilly is a new coach and teacher at Norfolk Collegiate, but he isn’t new to the sport of lacrosse. He has coached for more than 10 years and is excited to share his passion of the sport with our students.  

March 2016: Coach Thomson loves the game of baseball

Dr. Frank Thomson is new to Norfolk Collegiate but he isn’t new to the game of baseball.  He hopes to prepare students to carry a tenacious passion for baseball and his 10 years of coach experience is sure to stir that gift.  

Feb. 2016: Coach Hennig pushes students to be their best

Jessica Hennig teaches from experience. Her love for swimming and ability to encourage students helps her to successfully compete in a multitude of swim meets throughout the season. 

Jan. 2016: Coach Merryman teaches from experience

Bobby Merryman is a tri-sport coach who believes in commitment to the game and playing with integrity. He pushes his players to be the very best and is an advocate for organization and honesty.

Dec. 2015: Coach Clark encourages diverse swimming techniques

Clark seeks to install integrity, persistence and determination into each student he coaches. As a former swimmer, Clark is thrilled to coach his beloved sport at Collegiate for the first year. 

Nov. 2015: Coach Cayte, from athlete to coach

Cayte Brown '08 is one of Collegiate's most active coaches. She's a true team player and shares your knowledge as a former Collegiate student athlete and current coach for dual-seasons.

Oct. 2015: Coach Staring teaches endurance and teamwork

Staring's outgoing, energetic coach style is building community among the girls' varsity field hockey team. "Having a positive attitude on and off the field is how you become an all around better athlete."


Sept. 2015: Coach Tupper leads by example one stide at a time

Tupper's leadership has resulted in TCIS championships, five Division I runners and countless lifelong athletes. “I motivate students to be the very best that they can be; and in whatever they do, to do it well.” 


April 2015: Coach McCain transforms the varsity golf team  

Jenna McCain took the reins of Norfolk Collegiate’s varsity golf team this spring season and has worked hard to get the team to not only lower their scores, but also come together as a team to win their matches.


March 2015: Coach Smyth, team kicks competition around the field

When Norfolk Collegiate Middle School science teacher Erin Smyth isn’t in the classroom, it’s not uncommon to see her on the court or field. As the junior varsity volleyball coach this fall and now the Middle School soccer coach, she keeps her pulse on our student-athletes.


February 2015: Coach Markey ends season with impressive record   

Varsity boys’ basketball coach Jim Markey wrapped up a successful basketball season after several grueling months of practices and games with our Oaks. The season was one of highs as the boys defeated opponent after opponent to make it to the VISAA quarterfinal, where the team lost to a three-point shot with a half of a second left on the clock.


January 2015: Coach Wright is in a league of her own    

From an early age, Cathy Wright was a fixture in the pool. Whether it was swimming in a summer league, AAU or on her college team, her passion for swimming was evident. Today, she is continuing that tradition by passing along her passion for swimming to her athletes on Norfolk Collegiate’s varsity swimming team.