Norfolk Collegiate offers bus service to families in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and North Carolina (from Boarder Station) via Tranquest Bus LLC. 


How does Bus Transportation work at Norfolk Collegiate?

  1. Families need to fill out the Request for Transportation Form and return the completed form to the business office at or 757.282.2976. One form is required for each student riding the bus. We are currently working on the transportation routes and form for the 2020-21 school year.
  2. Tranquest Bus LLC and Norfolk Collegiate work together to determine the best routes based on riders. 
  3. Norfolk Collegiate notifies parents of final bus routes in August prior to the school's start. 


What are the bus routes and times?

We are currently working to determine the 2020-21 routes; however, please click here to view the 2019-20 proposed routes and times for an example of what routes we have offered.  

Please note that they may change based on requested ridership and location. Therefore, routes made be added or removed as needed. Norfolk Collegiate will notify parents of final bus routes in August prior to the school's start. 



Yes. Costs are listed below. Norfolk Collegiate offers a discount for families with more than one child riding the bus. This discount applies only to families with more than one child loading or unloading at the same stop. 

Parents will receive a monthly bill from the Business Office. Transportation fees will be included in the student billing statements that are issued monthly starting in September.

If you have any questions about transportation, please contact the Business Office at 757.583.0919 or email To apply for transportation for your children, please download and return the completed Request for Transportation Form.

2019-20 Both Ways One Way
First Child $1,575 $1,349
Additional Child $1,239 $1,060


Frequently asked Questions:

What if I experience an issue before school hours? Who do I call?
If parents experience any issues with bus pickup or drop off before Norfolk Collegiate opens, please contact Tranquest directly at (757) 455-5555.
Is it too late to enroll for bus transportation once the year has started?
No. Parents may enroll their children in bus transportation once the school year has started.
What if I need to adjust my ridership options?
Whether you are adding new service all together or just adding a morning or afternoon pickup to your current service, parents need to complete and return the Request for Transportation Form to