International student bonds over American culture

Norfolk Collegiate has a vibrant international student program at the Upper School. To celebrate their journeys and further welcome them, the Oak Connection is sitting down with our international students once a month. This is the third in the series for the 2014-15 academic year and it features Kai, a junior who hails from Shanghai, China. Kai joined the Collegiate family in January of 2014 and is enjoying his first full year at the school. An only child back home, he's enjoying the hustle and bustle living in a house where he now has siblings. He sat down with the Oak Connection to chat about life in America and a few other things.   

Are you participating in any sports or clubs while here?
I am in Model UN and the Chinese Club. I’m not an athletic person, so I don’t play any sports.

I understand you participated in the Model UN conference this past weekend in Williamsburg. What did you think about the experience?
The conference was awesome. You get to learn about what others think about foreign policy. The hardest part was talking to people. The best part was working in groups.

I’m sure you miss the food from back home. What do you think about American food? 
I miss everything about the food. Back home, I would eat about three fish a day. And, I miss my dad’s cooking. He is a great cook.  

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. What are you most looking forward to about the holidays?
I understand that Thanksgiving is a lot of eating and I’ll probably watch some football with my host family. For Christmas, my parents are coming here and then we’re going to New York City because we have friends there. 

What do you miss the most?
There’s not much difference really. I have a lot of friends of different ages back home, so when I want to do something I can always find someone. That’s what I miss the most.  

What have you enjoyed the most about being here?
I love playing video games and so does my host family. I love playing Mindcraft with them because it’s a game where you build things, and I like building things.

Is there anything that you’re hoping to do before returning home?
I would like to visit Washington, D.C. I want to go to an American University, so I want to visit Georgetown, William & Mary and look at some schools in New York, too, like Cornell.