International Student Host Program

Host families wanted for international students    

One of the many ways Norfolk Collegiate Upper School students are engaged with the world is through our inclusion of international students. They become part of the fabric of the Upper School experience, as they share their cultures, join our teams, contribute to our classrooms and even join our alumni population dispersed around the globe.

Some arrive due to parents’ military, governmental or business relocation to Hampton Roads. Others come through agencies specializing in either short-term cultural exchanges or long-term academic placements. For those coming alone, Norfolk Collegiate works with agencies to locate host families. As Norfolk Collegiate host families can attest, it’s a deeply enriching experience –a chance to learn about different cultures, perspectives and traditions without the hassle of leaving home.  In many instances, there’s also a monthly stipend of several hundred dollars paid to hosts by the agencies.

It’s not too late to be part of that experience this year!  We have some wonderful students hoping to join us second semester, but first they must have host families. 

To learn more about these students and how you could qualify as a host, contact the admissions office at 757.480.1495 or