Delinquent Account Policy

This is a board-approved policy for the collection of student accounts.

Students with accounts that are 90 days or more past due may be dismissed from school at the end of the semester in which the 90-day delinquency occurs.

No student with a 60-day delinquent student billing account will be allowed to re-enroll in the subsequent school year without a payment plan authorized by the business office.

Persons with special circumstances may at any time ask for exemption of the enforcement of this policy by the Headmaster.

The following notification/collection procedures are to be followed:

  • First day of month: Annual, semi-annual and monthly payments are due on the first day of the month in which they are due per the terms of your enrollment contract.  (For payers that pay on the 15th of the month, the 15th is considered the first day.)
  • 10 days past due: The school will allow a 10-day grace period.
  • 11 days past due: All payments are considered late on the 11th day of the month in which the payment was due and finance charges will be added to all accounts. Refer to the Tuition Payment Schedule for fees. On the 16th of the month in which the payment was due, a Past Due reminder will be sent to the account holder of the enrolled student. 
  • 30 days past due:  After 30 days past due, a 30-Day Delinquent Notice will be mailed to the parents of the enrolled student. The Headmaster will be advised of all accounts 30 days past due.
  • 60 days past due: After 60 days past due, a 60-Day Delinquent Notice will be mailed to the parents of the enrolled student. The parents will be required to meet with the business office to review the account and set up a payment plan.
  • 90 days past due: After 90 days past due, the account may be referred to our attorney to take legal action to collect the charges due. In addition, the school shall ask for attorney’s fees and finance charges per the enrollment contract.