1. Submit Online Application, To Include:


      2. School Transcript/Records Release Form:


    3. Shadow Day Visit:

    • Shadow Days may usually be scheduled for any normally scheduled school day. Shadow students complete their class visit from 8 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., spending the morning following a host student to the normally scheduled classes. Parents are given a tour by a Carolton Oaks Society student ambassador.

    • Contact Mary Peccie at 757.480.1495 or mpeccie@norfolkcollegiate.org to schedule a shadow visit.


    4. Schedule A Testing Date. Contact John Bain at 757.282.5300 or jbain@norfolkcollegiate.org to schedule a test date.

    • Grades 6-12 test in a group setting at our upper school campus, 7336 Granby Street, Norfolk. Students take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). The cost is $105, paid online directly to Educational Records Bureau.

    • The following Saturdays are available for group testing:

      • December 2, 2017
      • December 16, 2017
      • January 20, 2018
      • February 3, 2018
      • February 24, 2018
      • March 17, 2018
      • April 21, 2018
      • May 19, 2018


Once the school year has started, Norfolk Collegiate does not typically accept students trying to transfer, except in rare circumstances such as family relocation. Similarly, Norfolk Collegiate does not typically admit students for only their senior year; however, rare circumstances may warrant special consideration. As always, feel free to direct any questions to the Admissions Office.

Completed application packages will be submitted to the admission committee for consideration.