The Class of 2015 celebrate its graduation by tossing its hats into the air during commencement ceremonies.




Student outcomes are the foundation of our instructional program. At Norfolk Collegiate School, our goal is to create well-rounded, independent thinkers who will thrive in their local and global communities. We achieve this through our “Portrait of a Graduate” philosophy.

  • Our graduates have the academic tools, passion for learning and flexibility to thrive wherever life takes them and wherever they choose to go.
  • Our graduates are self-motivated and inquisitive, recognizing that knowledge and wisdom are lifelong pursuits.
  • Our graduates are confident, independent thinkers who pursue new endeavors to learn from successes and challenges alike.
  • Our graduates have developed an individual moral compass — rooted in integrity, responsibility and respect — that guides them to the right course of action.
  • Our graduates have a sense of compassion that motivates them to both participate and lead in their local and global communities.