Mission and philosophy



Our Mission

Norfolk Collegiate develops critical thinkers, doers and explorers through innovative, engaging instruction in an inclusive and supportive learning community.


Our Vision

Innovative learning for a changing world.


our philosophy

Norfolk Collegiate School equips students to chart their unique paths to success by providing an educational experience based on the following principles:

  • An excellent, broad-based educational foundation that allows students to discover their passions and become well-rounded individuals.   
  • A supportive, warm and caring environment that encourages students to view pursuits as learning experiences and to expand personal horizons.   
  • A close partnership between the student, faculty and parents that results in optimal student outcomes.   
  • A strong value system that grounds student decision-making in honor, integrity and social responsibility.   
  • Engaging all members of our community in fostering student success results in innovation and excellence.  

These principles guide our portrait of a graduate and our approach to implementing our mission.