Eighth-Graders travel to Triple R Ranch for a day of Leadership activities 

Norfolk Collegiate’s eighth-grade class journeyed to Triple R Ranch in Chesapeake for the third annual Eighth-Grade Experience. This one-day event was filled with activities geared toward team building, leadership and establishing harmony within the class of 2020.

“Our students spent the day at Triple R Ranch and participated in four different activities, including the flying squirrel, which allowed students to work together as a team to lift their classmates into the air,” said Liz Kelso, middle school dean of students. “Although some students were nervous about the activity, it was encouraging to witness how supportive they were of their classmates.”  

This trip is a true bonding experience for our students to learn more about themselves and their classmates.

“If I could, I would do it again,” said eighth-grader Victoria Hargrove. “I got to know everyone better. Although I was nervous about making new friends because this is my first year at Collegiate, everyone was friendly and there were a lot of team building activities that created good communication.”

Students challenged themselves physically and intellectually to resolve the tasks at-hand. They participated in the flying squirrel, an activity that allowed one student to be harnessed and other students to work together to make them fly; and nitro crossing, where students swung across a “pool of lava” using a rope and a small platform and a climbing wall.

“I’m going to use what I learned during the eighth-grade experience to work better with others during school projects,” said eighth grader Jake Raeghard.

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